Philip Tomasino 2019 Sherwin-Williams CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game Issued Jersey

Closing Bid: $297.87
Number Of Bids: 13 (Bid History)
Bid Increment: $10.00
Open Date: Mar 4, 2019
Close Date: Mar 22, 2019
Listing Type: Auction
Listing Number: 2596695

Bid History

Mar 22, 2019 05:19:49 PM EDT$297.87 CAD
Mar 22, 2019 08:02:32 PM EDT$287.87 CAD
Mar 22, 2019 07:58:50 PM EDT$255.87 CAD
Mar 22, 2019 07:58:30 PM EDT$235.87 CAD
Mar 22, 2019 03:23:00 PM EDT$205.00 CAD
Mar 18, 2019 03:21:30 PM EDT$200.00 CAD
Mar 18, 2019 09:57:06 PM EDT$185.00 CAD
Mar 18, 2019 03:04:16 PM EDT$165.00 CAD
Mar 18, 2019 12:50:07 PM EDT$155.00 CAD
Mar 14, 2019 01:08:56 PM EDT$145.00 CAD
Mar 5, 2019 05:14:18 PM EST$135.00 CAD
Mar 14, 2019 01:08:06 PM EDT$130.00 CAD
Mar 14, 2019 01:07:43 PM EDT$110.00 CAD

Item description

Philip Tomasino 2019 Sherwin-Williams CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game Issued Jersey. All proceeds from this jersey auction will be donated to the Kidney Foundation of Canada. 4,500 Canadians are waiting for an organ donation - 80% of them need a kidney. Of those, almost 40% will never get one and too many die waiting. Your support will help The Kidney Foundation of Canada implement a plan to increase transplantation rates in Canada by 50% over 5 years by organizing an unprecedented public awareness campaign about the importance of organ donation.

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